We form a close cooperation with our customers
and business partners

ANFRA PACKAGING is renowned in the market for the manufacture of food containers and lids, especially the jars for spices. We form a close cooperation with our customers in all these sectors.

Our range also includes other canisters for spices, glass jars for spices, lids for coffee tin cans, salt and pepper grinders, baking soda cans, jars for packaged nuts, lids for tin cans, PET containers and many more. We also offer customized products with added value and tangible benefits. Keeping our customers satisfied is a basis for our own gratification, the underlying idea all the way since our beginning in 1951.

Our work is based on competent and highly motivated employees – knowledgeable about our food containers and their lids. To achieve this, we create the corresponding framework conditions: we offer secure jobs and a healthy work environment.

empresa Company ANFRA

We are committed to fair competition in global markets. ANFRA PACKAGING has grown successfully throughout its history thanks to its responsible and provident management. Thinking ahead is one of our principles. We anticipate the evolution of packaging, jars, bottles, cans, snap caps, screw caps and many others.

The perseverance of our workforce and the dedication to our customers, both in the world of spices / honey / sweeteners / salt / baking soda and in other sectors, have allowed us to grow to have sufficient facilities with capacity for expansion adapting to the demand, being able to supply the growing demand for food containers and lids.