Our products and services fulfill what we promise: the highest quality and
contribution to the success of our customers

Our food containers and lids fulfill what we promise: high quality and a contribution to the success of our customers. To guarantee this quality in the manufacture of food packaging, we invest in the modernization of our facilities; we promote quality awareness and demand it from our suppliers.

At ANFRA PACKAGING we work with the System of Quality Management certified by AENOR following the UNE-EN ISO 9001 policy.

We emphasize Hygiene and Critical Control Points measures for products intended for such demanding sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals, being the first company in the Region of Murcia since 1980 to obtain the General Health Registry of Food Companies in the sector of materials and containers intended for contact with food.

We work daily to offer sustainable and enviromentally deferential packaging in all our processes from design to delivery, setting year after year environmental improvements that allow us, among others, to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we manufacture.

We bear a great social responsibility, and for the long term success we have to act by taking this fact into account. Human and environmental protection is important for our commercial activities. It pays to be safe, efficient and ethically responsible when it comes to the products.