We are a leading company with more
than 60 years of experience

Plastic injection molding

With over 60 years of experience in plastic injection molding, ANFRA PACKAGING has grown to be recognized as a national leader in the manufacture of food containers and their lids.

Design and development of plastic containers, lids and other products

We approach the development of new products with the focus on the specific needs of your project.

Design and production of molds for injection of containers, lids and other products

ANFRA PACKAGING has an advanced department of Construction and Maintenance of molds, collaborating closely with large machining centers of the Sector such as the Metal Technology Center.

Decoration of plastic containers

ANFRA has facilities for the decoration of containers industrially in the labeling and traditional printing. Please ask if you need more information or help with a particular project.

Merchandising of glass jars

Through a long-standing relationship with manufacturers, we are able to maintain a constant stock of premium quality glass jars for food packaging.

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