Towards a Neutral Carbon Footprint

From the end of 2020, all our items are produced with 100% renewable energy. As a result, we achieve the elimination of Scope 2 of our Carbon Footprint. This means that every kWh of electrical energy consumed is zero emissions.


Since implementing this measure, we have therefore reduced our CO2 equivalent (CO2 eq) emissions to the atmosphere by more than 250 tonnes. Based on our historical consumption over the last year, we will achieve an estimated reduction of 500 tonnes of CO2 eq/year.

In addition, we are turning our equipment into more energy-efficient machinery. With our hybrid machines we reduce our electricity supply by 30% per kilogram of raw material processed. Thus minimising our consumption and improving our energy efficiency.

ANFRA PACKAGING works hard to become an organisation that produces packaging goods with a Neutral Environmental Footprint. Within our business strategy, aligned with the Environmental Objectives of the European Union.

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